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Products y services

Our company offers a big variety of products. For example; industrial models, metallic, epoxys, masters, models in scale, polyestiren models for die manufacturing companies, CAD/CAM projects and developments. All of them are oriented to companies those cover a big group of fields in the industry. Some of these fields are: 

Hidraulics and Aeolian

For the hydraulic industry we make models for projects such as

  • Francis Wheels.
  • Pelton Wheels.
  • Kaplan Shovels.
  • Directrix Shovels.
  • Roundlets.
  • Propellers.
  • Double camera pumps.
For the aeolian industry we make projects such as
  • Rotators.
  • Frames of a chassis.
  • Multiplier bodies.
    • Covers.
    • Bodies.
Modelos Carrasco
Rotator for an aeolian generator

Railway products.

For the railway industry we are developing, with a vast experience, models for products such as

  • Cross-breedings.
  • Tramway boxes.
  • Railway needles.
  • Railway bogies.
  • Cross ties.
Modelos Carrasco
Mould made from a cross-breeding model

Models for moulds

  • Models for train front parts.
  • Models for train internal parts.
  • Models for the train control cabin.
  • Models for seats.
  • Models for WC moulds.
Modelos Carrasco
Modelo de testero para el metro de Heathrow

Models in scale.

We make

  • Models in scale in styrofoam, polyexpan and master paste (with volume).
  • Models in scale for studying.
  • Models in scale for seats.
Modelos Carrasco
Model in scale for the tramway of Bilbao

Casting models for die manufacturing

Models in polyestirene, styrofoam, polyexpan and master paste for die and stamping tools manufacturing.
Modelos Carrasco
Casting model for a punching tool

Valve products

Models and models in scale design and manufacturing for using in draining, petrol platforms, hydroelectric centrals, and so on.
For example:

  • Models for valve bodies.
    • Retention valves.
    • Balloon valves.
    • Hatch valves.
  • Models for covers.
  • Models for closing wedges.
  • PVC valves.
Modelos Carrasco
Hatch valve

Models for urban furniture.

We make models for manufacturing any kind of urban furniture, such as

  • Public lighting.
  • Little butterflies.
  • Large street lamps.
  • Public fountains.
  • Artistic seats.
  • Flower-stands.
  • Trashcans.
  • Railings and iron bands.
  • Building columns.
  • Landmarks.
  • Old Cask arms
Modelos Carrasco
Large street lamp with lamps

Specialized models for the naval industry. 

For the naval industry we make specialized models for manufacturing

  • Anchor palms.
  • Anchor shackles.
  • Anchor bodies.
  • Vault supporting arch.
  • Engine blocks.
  • Dredging machine buckets.
Modelos Carrasco
Model for anchor palm

Models for machine-tools.

For Machine-tools we also make models for manufacturing

  •  Rower’s bench.
  • Vaults.
  • Headers.
  • Carriages.
  • Columns.
Modelos Carrasco
Model of a Carriage

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