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We are pleasured to present you our company specialized in manufacturing any kind of casting models and strengthened resins polyester pieces.

Our company was founded in 1970 and is endowed with a big pavilion with 1,100 m2equipped with two big travelling-cranes and last technology machines used in the manufacturing of wooden products, polyester and poliuyethane resins.

 Our specialized workers, classified as first class workers and guaranteed by his lengthy experience and the good selection of the materials used, guarantee the quality of our works.

We have a lengthy experience manufacturing big dimension models because we are the main providers to naval industries, iron and steel manufacturers, machine-tools, equipment goods, etc. in our country.

We have the highest technology with CAD/CAM Tebis and our C.N.C. Machining Center BORNERMANN-WERKZEUGTECHNIK and professional experience developing projects with the highest precision and quality for making any product our customers need in the casting models world.

If you need any kind of models as well as plate series, don’t hesitate consulting us because you will have the warranty that you will get the best prices and delivery times for a high quality product.

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